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Requesting Letters of Introduction

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You can request a letter of introduction, which is required to use materials at other university or institution libraries.
Only Keio University faculty members and students may request a letter of introduction.

Notes about registration
  1. Please read the Using Other Libraries page.
  2. Use the KOSMOS to confirm that the materials you need are not available at a Keio University library .
  3. Issuing the letter may take some time because the other library must be contacted. Please allow enough time for this when making your request.
  4. The items in red on the request form are required.
  5. You will be contacted by email when your letter of introduction is ready.
  6. Requests for letters of introduction are accepted at the Library for Science and Technology reference desk on weekdays 8:45 - 17:00.
  7. Please bring your student ID with you.
  8. When visiting the other library, please bring your letter of introduction and student ID with you, and respect their rules.
Other specifically
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E-mail Addres
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Vol. No. Page (Year)
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Vol. No. p. - (Year)
Year of publication
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Library to Visit, Visiting Date
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Date for issue

Example: 2008 Jan 15
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